Djemal Ashton

Djemal Ashton



Race: Human

Nation: Firelan

Age: 29 (beginning of Blackwing)

Height: 1,81m

Build: athletic

Hair: black

Eyes: amber/gold

Skin: tanned

Profession: First General, Royal Guard

Love interest: Kaith Brightfeather



Father: Fahrid Aidan Ashton

Mother: Stella, Light of the North

4 Brothers, 3 Sisters

Gem was born as the 2nd child of King Fahrid and his second wife, dragon princess Stella.

He is a hot headed young man, growing up in a time of war he quickly rose through the ranks of the military of his own accord, a prodigy both in fighting skill and leadership.


After loosing his elder brother Sharif, he grew even more protective of his family. He idolizes the current regent Aerion, his eldest brother, even if they don't always see eye to eye.


Apart from his fighting proficiency, he's also been taught magic, but didn't really exel in it like his sister Marjam. So he kept more to practical weaponry.
He's also been very close to Kaith for a few years.